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Home arrow Activity arrow training camp "Visiting Scooby-I" in the city of Brest

training camp "Visiting Scooby-I" in the city of Brest

Date: 14-08-2013 - 17-08-2013
Location: Belarus, Brest city
Types of training: BH, IPO-1, IPO-2, IPO-3, SchH/VPG-1, SchH/VPG-3
You have a unique opportunity to relax and to spend time with their pets in the summer training camp "Visiting Scooby-I" in the city of Brest. 14-17 August 2013
The basic concept of the camp:
A comprehensive practical training

1.Preparation dogs to compete and test standards BH / VT IPO 1-3
Coach Paul Zorkin.
2.Work with beginner training on domestic and animal psychology.
Coach Alexander Timofeev.
3. Camping with your pet with the opportunity to participate in the activities of game kinds of training.
(Frisbee, pitch and Go, tug of war).Number of participants isn't limited.

Alexander +375298277067

Natalia +375293382672
Email: n.kanberg @

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